The Ten Biggest Backeshop Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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JD’s Backeshop is known for its butter chewies (what I used to call butterscotch). CARDINAL BACKESHOP! the YEMA bread and CHEESE bread is sooo soft and yummy that you’ll feel like you don’t want to stop munching! Those five days were epic, fun-filled, enriching, relaxing, longest time we’ve spent together and away from Manila. But somehow, the 4 days of continual moving from place to place had suddenly toned that desire down. Nonetheless, Its a great place to stay when you’re in Cebu. Its the best place to stay in the City. They are competing against each other in bringing the best burgers in Cebu, and the Cebuanos are the luckiest! However, their burgers are not being talked about, I wonder why! Their huge burgers have unique flavors, for sure. We have managed to explore 3 islands in 5 days (4 and a half to be exact). We managed to pull off an extra hour to buy some pasalubong. Unfortunately, our time was cut short because we failed to catch the last morning Ferry trip from Bacolod back to Iloilo. But we had to limit them because of the lack of time. My friend was very much keen on getting a box of Biscocho Haus that he went to the nearest store and promised to catch up.

It was getting dark so we headed back home instead. Imagine dining here and getting a huge serving with fries for only 199 pesos? Each serving includes french fries flavored in parmesan cheese. Their Facebook reviews say that their burgers are uniquely flavored. Sad to say, their last update on Facebook was July 2017. They posted a photo that says they were moving. Our last destination for the last two days of our trip was the beautiful province of Iloilo. Hope this series of blog posts would inspire you to make the most every trip. And there went the final (half) day of our trip. We got back there in the afternoon after taking the 1 pm trip. The folks there say the other watch tower looked exactly the same. It took around 15 minutes walk from the drop-off point to get to the watch tower which was quite near the beach front. They say when you get to taste it, “Lucky Me” would be outside your vocabulary.

Yes, if you will it, it is possible. Without it, even with all the necessary carbohydrates and protein in a meat, a burger will remain always as a snack for me. The photos below will explain to you what I mean. Before its photos became viral online, I was one of the avid fans of their product. I’m not entirely sure this was the one. It is so much more, it is a shame to even compare it to Angel’s. The burger looks so much better in real life, just saying! 21 South Burger is open every day from 4 PM to 10 PM. From San Jose Backeshop, take another ride by a tricycle and cakes la carlota tell the driver that you are heading to J&J Residences or 21 South Burger. Their headquarters is located in J&J Residences unit 105 E. Sabellano Street Punta Princesa, Cebu City. They are located at E. Sabellano St. San Lorenzo Village Barangay Punta Princesa, Cebu City. These jaw-breaking burgers are extraordinary!

Originally from Davao, Backyard Burgers have found its way to the hearts of the Cebuano people. Another burger joint that has never let a single customer down is New Found Burger. New Found Burger is actually 21 South’s neighbor. Their burger patties are tender and juicy and well-seasoned. Minute Burger branches are growing and I could see why. Their patties are really thick, flavorful and very juicy! But that’s because most burgers that I know of have thin patties and that wouldn’t feed my hungry (and growing) stomach enough. And yes, they do have a budget for their promo materials. Yes, Minute Burger is part of our list because I feel like this brand is underrated. The room was okay, The AC is good, I just don’t like their Shower. You cant turn on the shower without turning on the faucet below it as well. Thankfully, though, burger joints have grown in number and their burgers have grown in size as well!

Dra Yasmin Guimarães

Dra Yasmin Guimarães

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